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World-class biomass solutions from 9kW to 10MW

Wood Energy Ltd is widely acknowledged as a biomass specialist and has been a pioneer of biomass in the UK since the early stages of the industry. We offer a range of wood chip, wood pellet and log boiler systems, ranging in size from 9kW to 10MW, for commercial, industrial, public sector, agricultural and domestic buildings of all sizes and almost all temperature ranges including steam and thermal oil.

Hargassnner Factory

Dedicated to biomass

We have been dedicated to biomass for much longer than most of the providers in the market and we only provide biomass. As a result, our in-house experts are highly experienced specialists with a comprehensive understanding of the financials, the technology, the process and the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive requirements.

Eco Hk Biomass BoilerUnrivalled technical expertise

We are an engineering-led organisation with significant experience of designing, installing, commissioning and maintaining large and complex biomass systems across practically every industry. This has equipped us with the ability to understand client requirements in detail and therefore ensure that you have the right technology, in the right place, and that every consideration is made in ensuring that your system is as efficient and as robust as possible.


Experienced Registered Installation Network across the UK

Our in-house installation team has delivered over 100,000kW of medium and large-sized projects across the UK. We also work with a network of carefully selected Registered Installation Partners who, as well as having existing experience, have also completed our own specialist training courses and have access to our technical support. This means that you can be confident of a biomass solution that meets your needs and utilises high-quality, highly-efficient technology across boilers, feed systems and fuel storage solutions. The Registered Installation Network ensures consistent skill levels on a National basis provided by Local contractors with local knowledge.

Hargassner Biomass Boiler

Exclusive access to advanced technology

We have held the exclusive UK market rights, for the last decade, for biomass boilers from two highly-respected Austrian manufacturers – Hargassner and Binder - whose technology has been continuously developed over 30 years. With significant investment in R&D and manufacturing processes, and 100,000 boilers installed worldwide, their products are acknowledged for their high quality, controllability, efficiency and longevity.



Solutions for new buildings and retrofit

The solutions we offer are tailored for each client and suitable for both new construction projects and replacement of existing boilers. Whether you require biomass as part of a larger M&E project, a single boiler for personal or commercial use to fit with an existing heating system, or multiple boilers with new heat distribution technology, we can design and install a whole solution that will meet your needs. We also offer a modular, pre-packaged (Green Heat Module) biomass boiler and storage solution as an option for clients who don’t have the internal space for a biomass boiler and storage, or who want a solution with minimum business and/or building interruption.


Binder Biomass Boiler 200kW / 10MW

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