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Residential District Heating- Park 25 Redhill

Wood Energy installed and commissioned a 840kW Binder boiler at the Park 25 development near Redhill railway station in Surrey.

Biomass Boiler District Heating

The boiler and 40,000 litre thermal store provide heating and hot water to 220 homes and apartments.

The biomass system works in conjunction with twin 20,000 litre accumulator tanks to provide hot water to the district heating system via a large plate heat exchanger which decouples the boiler system from the district heating system. A single gas-fired boiler provides 100% back-up.

Binder Biomass System Overview

The biomass boiler system incorporates some important features to reduce routine maintenance and reduce emissions. An automatic heat exchanger cleaning system uses air from the exhaust gas at high velocity to clean the heat exchanger tubes daily

to keep efficiency at optimum and reduce manual cleaning of the tubes to once per year during the annual major service. 

A cyclone is employed to reduce particulate emissions from the boiler. Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) has been fitted to enable the temperature of the combustion system to be fine tuned to obtain maximum efficiency and to reduce NOx emissions.


Binder Biomass Boiler Store Room


The heat from the boiler house is transferred to each of the apartments via a district heating system. Each apartment has its own “heat terminal unit” – a wall mounted heat exchanger, pump unit and heat meter which provides instantaneous heat and hot water.

The wood chip fuel is being provided locally by South East Wood Fuels (SEWF). 

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