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Wood Drying Facility

A farm house, outbuildings and wood chip drying facility in Lisburn has become the first place in Ireland and Northern Ireland to benefit from the award winning ECO-HK range of Hargassner wood chip boilers from Wood Energy.

The Hargassner ECO-HK is both powerful and efficient, featuring a new energy saving eco-mode, which constantly monitors what is going on inside the boiler as well as conditions outside to make sure that the best heat output is achieved with minimal fuel.

ECO HK 70 120 (1)



 Other features such as a double rotary grate to handle different fuel types, a lambda sensor with fuel quality detection, and firebed monitoring all contribute towards the ease of use and impressive efficiency rate of up to 90%.

 Green Energy Technology performed the installation, and were very impressed with the quality, specifications and design of the cutting edge boiler, which delivers across the board on performance, efficiency and ease of use.