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Lack of internal space should no longer be an issue for companies wishing to generate their own biomass heat energy and take advantage of generous Government incentives for doing so.

Wood Energy Ltd, the pioneering market leader in super-efficient, automatic wood heating systems, has boxed clever offering a 20 year warranty with its Green Heat Module, a boiler and fuel store in one self-contained exterior unit.

GHM Matches Return On RHI

Designed for where internal space is limited, or where minimal business interruption is a key requirement, the portable solution arrives on the back of a lorry, fully-fitted and ready to be linked to existing heating distribution systems, with minimal disruption. 


The 20-year Total Warranty is unique to the industry, and removes one of the greatest disincentives to biomass renewable energy use: the challenge of delivering returns across the 20-year lifespan of the non-domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) - a Government-funded tariff scheme to encourage increased heat generation by renewable technologies. 


Reservations around boiler longevity are valid, because the RHI payments are linked to the boiler serial number.  If the boiler irreparably breaks down, the ongoing RHI payments are lost, especially if the boiler is past its warranty period, which is normally less than 5 years.  This presents an often unacceptable risk for companies wishing to invest in greener energy sources.


Wood Energy’s Total Warranty for its Green Heat Module spans the entire lifespan of the RHI, taking away the risk of loss.  In addition, the unit carries a 25 year thermal and structural integrity warranty, as well as guarantees relating to the boiler itself and up to a 40 year warranty for the external finishes of the housing unit.  The warranty is transferrable should the unit be sold and because the Green Heat Module is portable, it can be simply re-located should a company move - without affecting payments from the RHI.


“There is no doubt that small and medium sized biomass boilers have been the great success story of the non-domestic RHI so far”, according to Wood Energy’s Managing Director, Fergal Murtagh.  He added: “The scheme is aimed at getting the country back on course to meet its legal obligation to deliver 15% of energy demand through renewables by 2020.  We are pleased to be able to offer a product that will contribute significantly to that target by allowing our customers peace of mind while they get the most out of the tariffs on offer from the Government.”


The Green Heat Module, which can accommodate up to a 999kW boiler and is available as a single or 2 storey unit, has become popular with schools, hospitals and other public buildings, where available space is already allocated.  Farms or factories aiming to produce a proportion of their own heat energy have also been attracted to the innovation, taking advantage of the potential income generation of this renewable method: a tariff payment per kilowatt hour used or produced over a 20-year period. 


The unit provides excellent protection against theft and vandalism; and aesthetic options, such as timber cladding and insulated wall panelling, allow the Green Heat Module to blend into its environment, as well as providing extra insulation for the boiler unit itself. The modules can also be pre-painted in a range of colours or can be vinyl-wrapped with bespoke imagery.


Fully funded solutions are also available, removing the need for the user to pay for the boiler, or for ongoing servicing and associated boiler repairs, reducing their risks.  Visit the website for more information: www.woodenergy.com.


Wood Energy is the UK’s exclusive distributor for wood chip and pellet boilers from leading Austrian manufacturers, Binder and Hargassner.  It supplies chip, pellet and log boiler systems ranging in size from 9kW to 10MW.  The company’s team of in-house designers can advise on boiler applications up to 10MW; and skilled commissioning engineers have successfully installed over 100,000kW of renewable heating across more than 400 projects to date - with an after-sales service that ensures both optimum performance throughout the lifetime of a boiler and a guaranteed provision for the non-domestic Renewable Heat Incentive.


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Prepared by: Smith Goodfellow PR, Macclesfield, Cheshire