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Binder Biomass Boilers 250KW-10MW

The BINDER range of biomass boilers sets a benchmark for convenience and comfort in handling:

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Binder 500kW-10MW                          Binder Biomatic 250kW-500kW

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BINDER offers boilers with a nominal capacity from 100 kW to produce hotwater and saturated steam up to a working pressure of 10 barG as a standard. 

The biggest advantage of BINDER is total flexibility. True to the motto, "Nothing is impossible“ their engineers will seek to provide an optimum solution for your requirements.

• automated de-ashing*
• automatic cleaning of the heat exchanger*
• computer based capacity/combustion control* and accumulator 
tank management*

Start the boiler and have heat generated around the clock with only bi-annual servicing for routine inspection and cleaning. 


Binder Biomass Boiler


High Overall Efficiency Across the Output Range

BINDER boilers achieve efficiency ratings of over 92 percent1 with woodchips.
• The CVP control package* gives fully modulating capacity con
trol from 25 % to 100 %.

  • Speed-control* on all fans minimises the electric power consumption.

  • The Lambda O2 regulation improves efficiency and brings out the most of your fuel.

  • High quality engineering with a minimum on maintenance required provides for high availabilty.

    1)...Test report A-1211-1/18d-06, NUA-Umweltanalytik GmbH 




Binder Biomass Boiler 10MW



Lambda O2 Regulation

This sensor system uses the exhaust O2 level as an efficient indicator for complete combustion and ensures optimum combustion at all times.

• It reacts to deviations from the average by automatically adjusting the air intake and/or fuel supply.

• It provides for stable combustion without emission peaks even where fuel quality varies. 

Secure and Safe Systems

The modem interface* with the boiler permits immediate remote support through the internet and will ensure that future software extensions are available promptly.
  • Using the BINDER Tele-package* you’ll be notified automatically about any upcoming message – such as from the silo’s fuel level control – even during a local power failure.
  • Quadruple safety devices, approved and certified, prevent any fire reaching the fuel silo. 


Clean Emissions

BINDER boilers are ‘carbon-neutral’ systems with low pollution levels for NOx, CO and particulates well within the limits. As a result, BINDER boilers are approved for smoke control areas under the Clean Air Act, due to:

• low-NOx design*

• a superb combustion zone design, allowing sufficient residence 
time to minimise unburnt gases,

• Lambda O2 regulation to optimise the combustion on varying fuel quality,

• excellent exhaust gas cleaning, using mono/multi cyclones, electrostatic or baghouse filters*. 


Low-NOx Design*

For fuels with a high nitrogen content, such as bark or particle boards:

• Controlled flue gas recirculation* regulates combustion temperature and fuel-to-air ratio.

• Regulated air supply allows air staging in the pyrolysis, the gasification, and the oxidation stage.

• The optimum design of the combustion chamber permits a long residence time for the fuel and good mixing of the flue gases. The net effect is a highly efficient, low-NOx boiler system. 


Flue Gas Recirculation*

Depending on the temperature in the combustion chamber, this feature adds a regulated amount of flue gas to the combustion air, thus:

• preventing over-high temperatures in the combustion chamber,

• reducing the risk of clinkering and deposit formation,

• enabling a reduction in the exhaust O2 level which improves the boiler efficiency.

This feature is particularly recommended for fuels with either a high calorific value, low ash fusion point, or a high nitrogen content.

Because of the greater volume of flue gas in the combustion chamber, more heat is dissipated from here towards the heat exchanger. Lower overall temperatures also increase the lifespan of firebricks and the grate. 



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