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Binder Boilers Design and Reliability

Well Designed Heat Exchangers

  • BINDER fire tube heat exchangers are highly efficient and are made to match your heating needs.
  • Manual maintenance is minimised through a fully automatic high-speed cleaning system*.

  • Sturdy tubing with 4.5 mm walls and optimum welding guar- antees a long lifespan. 


Automatic De-Ashing

  • Fly ash and bottom ash are automatically conveyed into a detached ash container, using screw augers* or drag con- veyors*, or
  • Ash is collected in integrated containers. Depending on the fuel ash content, these containers can be kept for weeks or months before further disposal. 


Fully Automatic Tube Cleaning System*

This feature provides high-speed de-ashing of the heat ex- changer’s fire tubes in frequent and preset intervals without interfering with normal operation:


  • prevents the formation of deposits, thus maintaining a constant and efficient heat transfer,
  • reduces the de-ashing maintenance to 1-2 basic procedures per year,
  • protects against boiler corrosion. 


Capacity Control (Standard)

  • Air supply and fuel inputs are coordinated to attain the ac- tual heat demand using PLC control and Lambda O2 regula- tion.
  • When heat demand drops, the unit is operated in part-load mode or is shut down. 


Capacity and Combustion Control

(CVP Control Package*)

Features a fully modulating computer control with 3 interlink- ing loops that permanently assess the actual requirement of heat, adjust the fuel feed accordingly, and match it with the continuously variable air supply.

  • Reacts dynamically to changes in the combustion process through the Lambda O2 control which immediately adjusts the secondary air supply.
  • Variable air volumes are automatically compensated by the integrated negative pressure control.

  • Speed-controlled fans minimise electric power consump- tion.

  • Renders an optimal efficiency over the entire output range of 25% to 100%. 

Accumulator Tank Management*

The use of hot-water accumulator tank systems works well with BINDER biomass boilers:

  •  Daily peak demands during full load periods are met through the accumulator tank.
  • Heat demands during part-load periods are met through the boiler using modulating capacity control.
  • Should the heat demand decreases further, the accumulator tank – now serving as the sole heat source – is loaded and then the boiler will be shut down.
  • Repeated starts and shut-downs are substantially reduced, which increases the boiler’s lifetime and minimises air pol- lution as well.