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HVA cleaning using high-velocity air recirculation (unique to Binder)

- No significant increase in plant-room noise
- No disruption to boiler combustion
- No requirement for compressed air on-site (PSSR regs)
- Less equipment to maintain
- Some competitors use compressed air cleaning
     o Very noisy
     o Disrupts boiler combustion
     o Requires clean dry air supply (compressor + dehumidifier)
- Other competitors use mechanical cleaning
     o Complicated linkages
     o Wearing on the fire-tubes
     o Needs removal before cleaning heat exchanger

Fully-modulating air dampers

- All dampers (except grate-isolation damper) use fully modulating action
- Higher efficiencies (not providing excessive air volume though the boiler,
leading to additional dry-gas losses through the flue)
- More subtle control, providing a more stable combustion profile
- Competitor boilers often use fixed on-off action

Able to produce boilers to specific requirements

- Fuel moisture content up to 50% (wet basis) (standard designs 35% and 50%)
- Fuel sizes up to P125 (standard components to P63)
- Pressures up to 10bar (3 bar as standard)
- Temperatures up to 160C (90C as standard)
- Steam boiler capability
- Outputs up to 10MW (7MW standard)

Bespoke fuel transport systems

- Able to overcome level changes, etc
- Fuel storage to suit fuel and delivery
o Silos
o Rotary agitator
o Hook-lift containers
o Walking floor

Electrically operated boiler components

- No oil hydraulics on the boiler
- Reduced complexity
- Reduced maintenance
- Reduced risk due to high pressure oil lines
- n.b. hydraulic rams still used on large chip extraction systems (walking floor, hookbins, fuel above P63)

Automatic Ignition

- Electric up to 35% moisture content
- Fossil-burner up to 50% moisture content

Exhaust cleaning

- High velocity air recirculation
- Cyclone de-duster
- Option to fit ceramic filters

Lambda Control

- Adjusts air feed rates
- Automatically compensates for variances in fuel quality

Boiler controls

- Full colour graphical touchscreen display
- Internet connectivity available as standard
- Bespoke constructed cabinet. Individual components can be replaced
- Programmable logic controller. Logic can be checked and modified on site

Safety Devices

- Three-stage burnback protection
      o Thermostat providing first-stage correction
      o Burnback flap (or rotary valve) provides air break on power failure
      o Self-acting douse valve and tank provides final stage safety
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